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Www.TimeWarnerCable.Com is an American cable company that services 29 states in America, mostly within the southern region of the country. The company has been around since 1989, which at that time was called Time Warner Communications.

The company (TVC.Com) offers not only cable television services, but high speed internet and digital phone connections as well. These two additional services were introduced in 2005 and are now offered in a triple package deal to its customers for about $100 per month. Many customers have taken advantage of this package deal because it ends up saving them a lot of money by not having to pay for a phone line.

The average phone line service just for local callers is about $70 per month. With that, you don't even get long distance or any type of internet connection. So as you can imagine, paying $100 per month for (1.) unlimited calls anywhere, (2.) high speed internet and (3.) cable television is certainly enticing to consumers. Once this deal was introduced, the company's number of customers doubled within one year.

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Time Warner Cable is one of the few remaining cable companies in existence. Many television viewers have switched to satellite television over cable television.

Direct TV, a satellite television company, has been Time Warner Cable's main competitor for years. The only reason a percentage of television viewers have remained with cable is simply for the high speed internet connection and digital phone services that are now offered.

If it weren't for those services, Time Warner Cable may have gone under by now. This is a huge advantage that cable companies will always have over satellite companies. Even though there is such a thing as satellite internet, it is a very weak service. There are bandwidth limits per month and a slower ability to watch video media online.

This is one handicap that Direct TV will never be able to overcome and this gives Time Warner Cable a chance to stay in the game for a long time to come.

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